Employment claims

Employment Claims – compulsory conciliation. April 2014 sees further significant changes to the law on bringing employment claims, with the introduction of mandatory “Early Conciliation” for nearly all workplace disputes. From 6th April 2014 anyone wanting to make a claim to an Employment Tribunal must first contact ACAS. ACAS will try to resolve the dispute, […]

Dog Owners Beware – new dangerous dogs legislation

New Dangerous Dogs Legislation – Dog owners beware. In a desperate attempt to curb the number of deaths by dangerous dogs, new legislation now provides that dog owners could receive up to a maximum of fourteen years imprisonment if a person dies as a result of dog inflicted injuries. On the 13th March 2014 the […]

Grandparents’ Rights

Grandparents’ Rights  When a couple separate, arrangements for the children are a crucial issue.  Parents focus upon arrangements between themselves and grandparents are often an afterthought.  Side-lined grandparents often seek advice from solicitors about their right to have contact with their grandchildren.  In essence, “grandparents’ rights” do not exist. Grandparents however can apply to the court […]

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