Judges rule legal aid guidance on exceptional cases ‘unlawful’

Guidance on who is eligible for legal aid in exceptional cases is “unlawful”, judges have ruled. Legal aid was removed from many areas of civil law as part of reforms introduced last year. The High Court had said the guidelines on who was still eligible were “too restrictive” and overturned refusals of legal aid in […]

Legal Aid cuts leaving domestic violence without legal help

Since the Ministry of Justice started cutting legal aid, many people who need help found themselves left outside in the cold to fend for themselves. Women who have suffered domestic violence have gone to a solicitors and discovered that, even though they are financially eligible, they do not have the appropriate ‘evidence’ of their abuse […]

Law Society seeks judicial review of legal aid crime duty tender process

Law Society president Andrew Caplen said: ‘In the interests of access to justice, the public and the legal profession, we have decided to seek a judicial review of the legal aid crime duty tender process. In our opinion, the process creates a serious risk of market failure which could have major implications for society as […]

Legal aid slashed with no thought for consequences, MoJ chief admits

The most senior civil servant at the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has admitted that over £300m is being slashed from the legal aid bill without research into the potential effect of the cuts. Under the cuts pushed through by the Justice Secretary Chris Grayling, many family, debt, housing and employment cases no longer qualify for […]

Legal Aid Lawyers are ‘a dying breed’

Extensive research undertaken by the Law Society’s Junior Lawyers Division has found that only four per cent of young lawyers are interested in working in legal aid. The JLD Early Career Work Experience Survey, published today (1 December), uncovered a number of serious challenges faced by people entering the legal profession, and by recruiting law […]

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