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Ben Brown


Ben is a Solicitor and works in our busy Criminal Defence Department at our Nottingham office. He appears daily in the region’s Magistrates’ Courts and Police Stations. Ben also holds the Higher Courts Advocacy Qualification which allows him to represent clients that are before the Crown Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.

Ben has represented over 2,000 clients for the full range of criminal offences from minor road traffic matters to serious sexual and violent offences, cybercrime and murder. He also has extensive experience in representing clients who are under investigation by the Department for Work and Pensions, Trading Standards, the National Crime Agency as well as Military investigations and prosecutions.

Ben has a regular following of clients who instruct him due to his straight-talking and tactical approach.

  • R v L. Murder. Client had been arrested on suspicion of killing his wife and attempting to kill another man.
  • R v S. Murder. Representation of a client who was accused of murdering his partner.
  • R v A. Murder. Representation of a client who was arrested on suspicion of the murder of his baby.
  • R v M. Murder. The client had been one of two people arrested on suspicion of killing a man outside of his home.
  • R v B. Murder. Defence of a man with a complicated history of mental health who was alleged to have murdered his friend.
  • R v M. Murder. Client and partner accused of murdering a man and setting him on fire.
  • R v W. Murder. Client accused of the stabbing of another man.
  • R v V. Manslaughter. Representation of a client accused of the manslaughter of a youth and being party to a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice by disposing of his body.
  • R v L. Human Trafficking & Slavery. Representation of clients accused of trafficking foreign migrants and forcing them to work in servitude.
  • R v E. Firearms & Attempted Murder. The client had been accused of being involved in a ‘gangland’ revenge shooting.
  • R v B. Historic sexual abuse. Client accused of historic sexual abuse. Acquitted following a trial at the Crown Court.
  • R v C. Conspiracy to supply cocaine. National Crime Agency operation involving a large quantity of cocaine.
  • R v B. Fraud. Representation of a woman accused of a complex £130,000 confidence fraud involving a large number of bank accounts and credit cards.
  • R v A. Cyber crime. Client investigated by EMSOU on suspicion of causing almost £1m worth of damage to a number of businesses.
  • R v P. Managing a brothel. Representation of two clients accused of managing a brothel from their home address. Successful representations resulting in no further action against one client and a simple police caution for the other.
  • R v M. Production of cannabis. The client suffered from a serious medical condition which caused her to suffer from constant severe pain. She was found to be growing a large amount of cannabis at her address which she smoked to reduce her pain. Notwithstanding the sentencing guidelines, successful representations resulted in her receiving a police caution and prosecution was avoided.
  • R v S. Rape. Representation of a client wrongly accused of rape. Representations to the police led them to uncover vital phone evidence which proved the accuser had fabricated her complaint.
  • R v M. Driving offences. Vulnerable client who faced a number of driving offences. The case was discontinued despite the fact the client made full admissions during his police interview.
  • R v. H. Offensive Weapon. Client admitted possessing a baseball bat in a public place. Case discontinued following legal argument.
  • R v. P. Police assault. Vulnerable client charged with assaulting 2 police officers. Not guilty verdicts following legal argument that the client had been unlawfully detained.

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