Case dropped against man accused of crashing his car whilst disqualified

A disqualified driver accused of causing a road traffic collision involving several vehicles has had his case thrown out today by Derby Magistrates’ Court.

The client had been disqualified in July 2019 after reaching 12 penalty points. The police accused him of causing a road traffic collision in Derby in August. Officers attended the scene and arrested a male driving our client’s car. Our client then received a summons out of the blue.

It was our client’s defence that it was in fact a friend that had taken his car without his permission, caused the crash and then given our client’s details to the police when arrested and interviewed. Our client denied having any involvement in the offence at all.

Criminal Solicitor: Ben Brown

The Crown Prosecution Service (not believing our client) proceeded to bring the matter to trial. At the trial this afternoon, our client’s friend attended to give evidence and admit he was the driver. He was sat outside the court waiting to give evidence. Before the trial started, the police officer informed the prosecutor that having seen our client and his friend sat outside in the waiting area, it was in fact the friend who was the driver, not our client.

After the initial surprise and confusion, the CPS discontinued the case against our client.

The client was represented by Ben Brown, criminal defence solicitor at our Nottingham office. After the hearing Ben said:

“As I explained to the magistrates after the case was discontinued, contrary to popular belief, criminal defendants do tell the truth.

This case is a perfect example of a defence that many would think is farfetched, perhaps unbelievable. It was met with scepticism by the Court that set up the trial and by the CPS up until today. Had the police taken a photograph of the driver or recorded the interview on bodycam footage, this case could have been concluded much earlier.

My client had been told by the Court that he should consider pleading guilty and the evidence against him was very strong. Had he not benefitted from expert and robust legal representation he might have done so, even though he knew he was innocent.

It just goes to show how important having a solicitor is.”

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