Judge praises Bhatia Best for efforts during COVID-19

One of Nottingham’s leading District Judges has praised Bhatia Best for our efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nottingham Criminal Solicitor Matthew Hayes attending a virtual appointment with a client

Since the UK Government implemented the lockdown, Magistrates’ Courts have been under immense pressure to quickly adapt to digital working. The majority of cases are now being heard via Skype with solicitors and prosecutors remotely dialing in. At Nottingham Magistrates’ Courts, defendants are no longer brought into the courtroom but instead appear from the police station via Skype.

Today, a District Judge at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court praised Bhatia Best saying that he had been “very impressed” with the efforts we had made to keep the justice system running smoothly.

The Magistrates’ Court is adjourning the majority of non-urgent and bail cases to dates in the future which is creating a huge backlog of cases. In the Crown Court, jury trials are currently not taking place and many cases are being adjourned to 2021.

Bhatia Best quickly adapted to the new regime by:

  • Installing specialist video-link booths at all our offices, allowing solicitors to connect to Courts and prisons
  • Updating existing computers and training staff to use video conferencing software such as Microsoft Teams and Skype
  • Where appropriate, attending police station interviews virtually by specialist software
  • Offering ‘virtual appointments’ to all new and existing clients via Skype, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp

If you require legal advice and assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic, contact our team to arrange a virtual appointment either by telephone, Skype, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.