Criminal Lawyers – Why We Do What We Do

I represented a mother who was charged with a Public Order Act offence for allegedly threatening another woman, calling her a “nonce” and warning the other woman to stay away from our client’s daughter.

She instructed us after her interview and while on police bail pending her first appearance at the magistrates court. Our client denied making any threats, accepted calling the woman a “nonce” and merely told her to stay away from the daughter. The alleged victim’s statement denied that she was a paedophile and stated that our client had been making false allegations that had led to her being released without charge.

Criminal Defence Lawyer: Morgan Hogarth

The unusual aspect was that the alleged victim had been re-arrested and charged with a number of offences including grooming a child under 18 and breaching a Sexual Offences Prevention Order. The alleged victim had previous convictions for sexual offences against children, could be proven to have lied in her statement and had been remanded into custody on the basis that a court felt she would commit further offences and interfere with witnesses. It was difficult to see how this “victim” could be put forward as believable witness.

Fortunately the Crown Prosecution Service saw sense after numerous letters and calls, and withdrew the prosecution against our client a matter of weeks before her trial.

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