6 Mistakes To Avoid During a Divorce

Christina Mavromati, solicitor in our Family Law Department, discusses 6 common mistakes that people can make during a divorce.

1. Do it yourself (DIY Divorce)
In order to make sure things are done properly and you walk away with a fair settlement, instruct a solicitor to represent your interests. You will ensure that you are not alone and an expert is on hand to help you at every step.

2. Delaying
Delaying a divorce can result in the process of reaching a financial settlement more complicated and usually, more expensive. In addition, if you re-marry before you have made an application for a Financial Order, you may be unable to make your application. This is known as the ‘Re-Marriage Trap’. Avoid it, don’t delay.

3. Planning your next wedding before Decree Absolute
How long your divorce will take depends on many factors. You should not begin to arrange your next marriage, especially if this means paying out for deposits, until you have your Decree Absolute in your hand.

4. Choosing the wrong Solicitor to represent you
It is important that you have an expert divorce and matrimonial finances solicitor dealing with your case. This is a complicated area of law and a specialist will ensure that your interests are properly protected.

5. Trying to hide money from your Ex or the Court
Don’t do this, you’re likely to be caught and be in big trouble. There is the use of forensic accountants and other methods of discovering dishonesty within matrimonial finance cases. Whatever you’re thinking, someone somewhere has tried it and failed.
The best thing to do is be open and honest and let your Solicitor help you.

6. Not knowing when to settle
Settling a case is not about quitting. Settling is about knowing the right time to evaluate your position and ensure the right result for you. Settle too early or too late and you could lose out. This requires expert judgement and is another reason why you should instruct a Solicitor to help you.

Here at Bhatia Best Solicitors we have specialist Divorce and Matrimonial Finances solicitors that will be best placed to ensure that this difficult process is dealt with as smoothly as possible. Please contact our Family Department if you require a solicitor on 0115 950 3231.