Ben Brown Qualifies as a Solicitor

Everyone at Bhatia Best would like to offer their congratulations to Ben Brown, who was today admitted to the roll of Solicitors in England & Wales.

Ben works in our Criminal Defence Department and has been undertaking his Training over the past couple of years. All of that hard work has now paid off and Ben can proudly call himself a solicitor. As part of his training, Ben also undertook the Higher Rights qualification, meaning that he can now represent clients in the Crown Court as well as the Magistrates Court.

Criminal Solicitor: Ben Brown

Ben has built up a huge amount of experience and skill as a Police Station Representative and Crown Court Caseworker and he will no doubt bring that to the next chapter of his career. Ben also plays a key role in our website and social media content but we can safely say he did not write this article himself and we truly do mean everything above!

This is a special and proud moment for anyone who has trained to become a Solicitor. We have no doubt that Ben will be very proud of himself. Restrict that celebratory drink to a lemonade though Ben, you could be in Court in the morning!

Well done Ben! We are really proud of your achievement.

If you require the legal advice then please contact Ben, or another member of the team by calling Bhatia Best on 0333 016 3333. You can contact us 24/7, 365 days a year.