Case discontinued against man who admitted driving offences to police

A man who admitted driving offences during a police interview has had his case discontinued following representations by Bhatia Best that the police failed to comply with the law.

The 18 year old client was one of three males detained by police officers after the car they were travelling in was flagged as uninsured. At the scene, the police could not establish which of the males was the driver and our client denied that it was him. The police officer then threatened our client (and his friends) with arrest unless he agreed to admit who was driving during a voluntary interview. As a result, the vulnerable client – who was interviewed without a solicitor or an appropriate adult – told the police that he had been the driver.

Bhatia Best instructed a Psychologist to prepare a report on the client’s vulnerabilities and argued that he had only admitted to the police he was the driver due to the fact he and his friends had been threatened with an arrest.

The client was represented at Court by Ben Brown, a Solicitor based at our Mansfield office. Ben said “during any police investigation, the officers have to comply fully with the law, not least the Police and Criminal Evidence Act. On this occasion, it was the oppressive nature of the officer that caused this vulnerable man to say he was the driver. His mental health was not taken into account, nor was any regard had to the fact he may have been fibbing, just to avoid a night in the cells. I am pleased that the CPS have now discontinued this matter”.

This case highlights the importance of instructing an expert criminal defence lawyer at the outset of any police investigation. Our lawyers are available round-the-clock to provide free advice and representation to anyone detained at the police station. If you find yourself under arrest, always ask for Bhatia Best.