Charges dropped against Mother for ‘failing to send child to school’

A mother facing prosecution for failing to secure her 15 year old daughter’s attendance at school has seen the charges dropped following successful representations made by Bhatia Best.

Criminal Solicitor: Serena Joshi

The mother, represented by Serena Joshi in our Nottingham Criminal Defence Department, had tried everything possible to get her 15 year old daughter to attend school but unfortunately, the daughter simply would not go. The daughter had been diagnosed with depression by her GP and had been the victim of bullying at school. Despite her Mother’s numerous efforts, the daughter simply would not go to school. The City Council decided that the Mother should be prosecuted under s.444(1A) of the Education Act.

Serena advised the Mother to enter a Not Guilty plea to the offence and then set about preparing comprehensive representations to be sent to the Prosecution. This involved collecting Medical Records for the daughter to evidence her depression, along with substantiating other relevant and sensitive matters. The daughter even wrote a letter to the Prosecution herself to say that it was not her Mother’s fault. All of this was designed to get the Prosecution to reconsider the case and accept that there was insufficient evidence to show criminal wrongdoing in this case.

Serena made these representations and days before the Mother was due to stand trial at Nottingham Magistrates Court, the Prosecution accepted that there was insufficient evidence to convict and the charge was discontinued. This was of great relief to not only the Mother but also the daughter.

This is a prime example of how the meticulous preparation and care for our client’s cases enables Bhatia Best to secure the best possible results. If you are facing court proceedings in relation to Education Act charges, or any other criminal prosecution, please contact Bhatia Best today on 0333 016 3333.