Colleen Webb – Reporting for Duty

Everyone at Bhatia Best would like to congratulate Colleen Webb on becoming a Duty Solicitor.

Duty Solicitor: Colleen Webb

Colleen, a solicitor in our Criminal Defence Department, has successfully completed the Magistrates Court Qualification accreditation. This intense process has two parts: a 25-case portfolio in which Colleen had to demonstrate the range of cases she had dealt with at the Magistrates court and the Interview and Advocacy Assessment. Since Colleen has now passed both of these, she will become a Duty Solicitor.

Being a Duty Solicitor means that the Legal Aid Agency will award Colleen ‘slots’ on the duty rota and in turn, she will be able to represent people who ask for the duty solicitor. This requires a certain level of experience and capability, something which Colleen has demonstrated at every stage of her career.

Colleen, be sure to have a few extra Sprouts this Christmas day in celebration. Well Done!

If you require representation at the Police Station, Magistrates Court or Crown Court, please call Bhatia Best on 0333 016 3333. Police Station representation is almost always free and for representation at Court, we can look at whether Legal Aid is available and if not, offer competitive fixed-fees.