Have you been invited to a PLO meeting?

Karen Lennox, who works in our Family Department based in Nottingham, provides some guidance in relation to Public Law Outline (or “PLO”) Meetings.

If the Local Authority has continued concerns in relation to your children which have not been resolved through a child protection plan, you could be invited to a Public Law Outline (or PLO) meeting in a final attempt to prevent court proceedings. You will receive a letter setting out the Local Authorities concerns and confirming the date, time and venue for the meeting.

The meeting will be chaired by a Team Manager, accompanied by the social worker and a lawyer from their legal department. The Local Authority will discuss with you their concerns and you will have the opportunity to reply and explain matters.

A written agreement is often entered into upon which you are entitled to legal advice in the hope of resolving the issues. If this process is successful, the matter could return to child protection or child in need status. If the process is unsuccessful, the Local Authority could issue care proceedings and seek orders to remove the children from your care. It is important that you cooperate with this process and seek legal advice in an attempt to prevent court proceedings.

You could be entitled to free legal representation at a PLO meeting. Here at Bhatia Best, our case workers are very experienced in assisting parents at these meetings and providing legal advice throughout. You should make an appointment at any of our three offices, bringing the PLO letter with you as this entitles you to free legal aid irrespective of your income. Please call us now on 0115 950 3231 to secure representation.