Lucy Winterburn becomes Children Law Accredited

Child Law Solicitor: Lucy Winterburn

Everyone at Bhatia Best would like to congratulate Lucy Winterburn on achieving Children Law Accreditation.

This is an important milestone for Lucy who is a Family Law solicitor based at our Nottingham Office. To get to this stage, Lucy has demonstrated a knowledge and expertise in Children Law to a sufficient level to represent children in proceedings. As a result, it means that Lucy is able to receive instructions from guardians in private and public law proceedings to act for the children when required, or represent competent children directly.

The process that Lucy has undertaken involved demonstrating that she had the requisite training and experience in Family Law through her case load and experience. Lucy then attended an interview at the Law Society in London in which she was provided with a case study and had to identify the potential issues within it. Finally, Lucy was interviewed by two other Children Law Accredited solicitors on her experience and knowledge and the ability she has to put that into practice.

This accreditation is an important step for Lucy and indeed Bhatia Best. We could not be more proud of Lucy, the efforts she has demonstrated and her abilities as a Family Law Solicitor.
Well done Lucy!
If you require any legal assistance, please contact Lucy or a member of our Team by visiting or calling 0333 016 3333.