Mansfield Solicitor ‘saves 2 dogs lives’ and proves they are not dangerous

Mansfield based Partner, Tom Oates, helped his client successfully prove that his two dogs were not Pitbulls and avoided them being put to sleep.

The two dogs were seized because a Police expert said they had ‘substantial characteristics’ of a Pitbull, a

Mansfield Solicitor: Tom Oates

prohibited breed in the UK. There was no suggestion that they had acted aggressively.

Our client was sure that the dogs were not Pitbulls but he was going to plead guilty ‘to get it over with’. Doing this would have seen the dogs, loved by the client and his family, destroyed. Our client would also have received a criminal conviction and potentially a prison sentence.

Thankfully our client contacted Mr Oates and an independent expert was instructed to examine the dogs. This expert found that they were definitely not Pitbulls and in fact had very few of the expected characteristics of the breed. Despite this, the case continued.

At the trial, through carefully planned cross-examination, the Police Expert conceded that even in his opinion, the dogs had no more than 51% of the expected Pitbull characteristics. When challenged that this did not amount to a ‘substantial amount’, he agreed. The Magistrates returned a Not Guilty verdict and the dogs were returned to our client.

This case highlights the importance of seeking a Criminal Defence Solicitor for expert advice when charged with a criminal offence. It also serves as a timely reminder that not all those charged with offences are guilty.

If you are facing criminal allegations, contact us without delay for expert advice. Legal representation is free of charge for everyone being interviewed by the police. If you are charged to court court, we can apply for Legal Aid on your behalf. If you do not qualify for legal aid, we offer a menu of competitive fixed fees.