Mansfield Solicitor secures suspended sentence for client on 9th driving offence

Morgan Hogarth (who is based at our Mansfield office) recently represented a client who was charged with his 9th offence of driving whilst disqualified. These offences took place between 1990 to 2015 and the most recent was in October 2017. Having regard to the sentencing guidelines, the client faced an immediate prison sentence.

Mansfield Crime Solicitor: Morgan Hogarth

Thanks to the client requesting our services at the police station and the continuity of representation, Mr Hogarth was able to successfully persuade the Magistrates Court to deal with the client by way of a Suspended Sentence Order and therefore the client avoided an immediate prison sentence.

This case underlines the importance of requesting a solicitor at the police station and the benefits of expert legal representation at court.

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