‘No Areas For Improvement’ – Bhatia Best Crime Department Receives Significant Praise

We are delighted to report that our Criminal Defence Department has received significant praise from a Legal Aid Agency ‘Peer Review’.

These reviews are designed to ensure quality representation is provided by firms holding a Legal Aid Contract and if failed, can result in the contract being terminated. The Peer Review involves many case files being sent to a highly experienced Reviewer, who carefully considers the quality of representation in each case.

Amongst the many positive comments were the following:

  • The files were well ordered.
  • There was evidence on the Police Station files that good disclosure had been sought, detailed instructions taken and contemporaneous notes recorded.
  • The advice on all the files was appropriate and tailored to the circumstances.
  • On one case the solicitor had a “concern about how the evidence had been obtained…(the client) was correctly advised not to answer questions…The CPS subsequently withdrew the allegation…a good outcome.”
  • The Magistrates Court cases were well prepared.
  • The Crown Court files indicated good case preparation.
  • There were no areas of concern.
  • There were no suggested areas for improvement.

We are delighted that the Reviewer and Legal Aid Agency recognise the quality of service that our Criminal Defence Department provides.

Although they felt that there were no areas for improvement, we will always strive to improve the quality of service we provide our clients…but it’s certainly nice to know that we are doing things right.

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