Non-Molestation Orders

Lucy Winterburn, a solicitor in our Family Department, offers some guidance in relation to non-molestation orders.

A non molestation order is a court order to protect you from domestic violence. In order to apply for one, it must be against a relevant person. A relevant person can be someone you are or have been in a relationship with, a close relative or someone you are or have been living with.

In order to apply, an application must be sent to the Court along with a statement setting out the incidents of violence or abuse. This can be physical, emotional, mental or financial abuse. The Court will list this matter on an urgent or non-urgent basis. If the matter is to be heard urgently then this will be without the other party being in Court. They would be notified only of the hearing once they are served with the order. They would then be given the chance to return to Court to either contest or agree the order. If the hearing was not urgent, then the other party would be served with the papers and the Court would decide at the hearing whether such order should be made.

The terms of the order can differ and can be specific to each person’s needs for protection. The order is essentially designed to protect from further physical harm or threats of harm. An additional term can be applied to prevent a person from coming to your property or the surrounding area.

Legal aid is available for these orders depending on eligibility. Our team of dedicated solicitors are able to assist in applying for these court orders. If you feel that you require some protection from domestic violence, please contact Lucy or another member of our Family Department on 0115 950 3231 to discuss your options.