Nottingham Solicitor obtains community order for man who grew cannabis to aid a severe disability

Bhatia Best Solicitor Matthew Smith recently represented a client who was found with a cannabis grow at his home address. Following a police raid, a quantity of cannabis plants were discovered in various stages of growth. The client was subsequently arrested for production of cannabis.

Nottingham Solicitor: Matthew Smith

The police were adamant that they had found over 110 cannabis plants, but Bhatia Best instructed a forensic expert who examined the plants and found that in fact only 27 of the plants were cannabis, the rest being completely legal houseplants.

At Nottingham Crown Court, the Crown Prosecution Service accepted our client’s basis of plea that he was not a drug dealer and that the cannabis was actually grown to help his adult son’s agonising pain and physical difficulties following a serious road traffic collision.

Having regard to the sentencing guidelines, the client faced an immediate prison sentence. Matthew (who is both a Solicitor and a Higher Courts Advocate), mitigated on our client’s behalf and was able to persuade the judge to deal with the case by way of a community order.

This case highlights the importance of instructing a team of experienced and prudent lawyers when facing criminal charges.

If you are under arrest, you are entitled to free, independent legal advice from a criminal lawyer. Tell a police officer that you want to speak to Bhatia Best and they will arrange for you to speak to us on the phone. We will come to the police station for free if you are going to be interviewed or if you are being mistreated. Once your case gets to court we can apply for Legal Aid on your behalf. If you do not qualify for legal aid, we offer a menu of competitive fixed fees.

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