‘Paedophile Hunter’ will not face charges over contempt of court allegation

The leader of a well known ‘paedophile hunter’ group will not face charges following allegations that he failed to remove derogatory comments from his Facebook page during a trial at the Crown Court.

Our client runs a paedophile hunter group that creates fake ‘child’ profiles online and wait for people to get in touch with them. If the suspect engages in sexual activity or attempts to meet the ‘child’ for sex, the group collate information and evidence which is then passed to the police. Once the group have sufficient evidence, the confrontation is often streamed live on social media.

Our client was the key witness in a Crown Court case against a male accused of inciting a child into sexual activity. During the Crown Court trial, it was alleged that our client posted/failed to remove derogatory content aimed at the defendant and also the judge. The Crown Court trial was halted due to an unrelated matter.

Bhatia Best represented the ‘paedophile hunter’ at the police station, where he was interviewed on suspicion of contempt of court. Our lawyers provided him with expert advice and representation on the law of contempt of court, police procedures and confirmed that he did in fact have a defence to the allegation. Following advice from the Crown Prosecution Service, the police have now decided to take no further action against our client.

In April, Nottinghamshire Police’s Chief Constable told the Nottingham Post that groups who hunt paedophiles online using decoy profiles have led to 47 arrests in the last 12 months and 26 convictions.

Our client was assisted at every stage of his case by our team of experienced and skilled representatives. This case highlights the importance of seeking proper assistance from a solicitor if you stand accused of any offence, whether guilty or not.

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