Police Interviews: Know Your Rights

In this article, partner and head of our Mansfield office Tom Oates discusses police interviews and the importance of benefiting from expert legal advice.

Whenever an individual is interviewed by the Police, whether under arrest or voluntarily, they face the risk of criminal prosecution and are entitled to free and independent legal representation. Despite this, many people still decline a solicitor and say “I haven’t done anything wrong, so I don’t need one”.

If the police want to interview you, they are likely to have reasonable grounds to believe that you have committed a criminal offence. So, whilst you might not have “done anything wrong”, someone thinks that you might have. Sometimes you might not think that you have done anything wrong but you may have actually committed a criminal offence.

If you were unwell, you would go to your GP for expert advice. If your boiler stopped working, you would go to a Gas Engineer for expert advice. If you were buying a house, you would go to a solicitor for expert advice. So, if you are going to be interview by a Police Officer, you should always benefit from expert advice to ensure that your legal rights are observed and your position is put across clearly.

Common Myths:

  • It’s only a chat with the Police – it’s never “just a chat”. Even if you haven’t been arrested, you could still be charged with an offence. The police are using voluntary interviews (or “chats”) more and more but the outcome may be no different from being interviewed whilst under arrest.
  • Solicitors are expensive – representation at the Police Station is always free, regardless of your income or the type of case.
  • Solicitors delay things – here at Bhatia Best, we have 24 hour availability to represent people at the Police Station. If you have an interview arranged, we will meet you there. If you are about to be interviewed, one of our Team can travel to you without delay.
  • Solicitors are connected to the Police – Bhatia Best is completely independent of the Police and Government. We are a private limited company.

Here at Bhatia Best we have a large team of specialist criminal defence solicitors. We offer free representation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Please contact us on 0115 9503231 if you have a matter that you wish to discuss.