Postal Requisitions – Avoid an Arrest!

If you have been interviewed on a voluntary basis or released under investigation, you may receive a Postal Requisition requiring you to attend court. Rebecca Williams, Solicitor, offers some advice on Postal Requisitions and how to avoid an arrest for missing your Court date.

Criminal Solicitor: Rebecca Williams

What is a Postal Requisition?
It is a letter telling you that you have been charged with an offence (or offences) and requiring you to attend a certain Court on a certain date and time.

When will it be sent out?
It will be sent when a decision has been made whether or not to charge you with an offence (or offences). This could be within weeks of your attendance at the Police Station but it could be up to 6 months later or sometimes even longer.

Where will it be sent?
It will be sent to the address that you gave to the Police when you were interviewed. If you change your address before a charging decision has been made, it is vital that the Police are made aware of your new address. If not, the Postal Requisition will be sent to your previous address meaning you might never know about the Court date and therefore miss it.

What happens if you don’t attend court?
If you fail to attend Court and no reasonable excuse is given, it is likely that a warrant will be issued for your arrest. This will result in the Police coming to find you, arresting you and holding you in custody until the next available Court. This could see you held in custody for over 24 hours. This can happen even if you did not receive the Postal Requisition due to a change of address.

How Bhatia Best can help
Informing the Police about a change of address will ensure that you receive your requisition. You will therefore be aware of your Court date and this will prevent you missing it, being arrested and held in custody. Communicating your change of address to the relevant Police Officer can be difficult. It is therefore best to have an expert Criminal Defence solicitor deal with your case that can do this for you.

If you have been asked to attend the Police Station, get Bhatia Best on board from the start. If you have already been interviewed by the Police but don’t know what’s happening with your case, we can still help you. Call us today on 0115 950 3231