Why We Do, What We Do – Lucy Winterburn

In this addition of Why We Do, What We Do, Lucy Winterburn, Family Solicitor, remembers how she dealt with a difficult case involving injury to a baby.

I represented a client whose children were removed from her and her partner, due to a non-accidental injury on their baby. Both my client and the father completely denied responsibility. A full investigation took place and there was a ‘fact finding’ hearing at Court, at which findings were made that the father was responsible for the injury. No responsibility was attributed to my client.

My client was in complete shock but after I took her carefully through the evidence and advised her, she separated from the father and accepted the findings. As a result of the findings, my client was allowed to increase her contact with the children.

The client then confided in us that she had been the victim of domestic violence from the father. We managed to secure a non-molestation order for her, giving her the protection she needed. We helped her get onto educational courses to allow her to prove that she could protect herself and her children. This support, along with knowing that someone was on her side, helped her complete everything she needed to.

The children remained in a family placement, which was difficult due to the family dynamics. Yet, with advice and perseverance, it saw the children remain there throughout. The mother was seeing her children every day in the family placement with our help. This ultimately prevented the children from being adopted and remaining within the family.
That’s why we do, what we do.