In this volume of Why We Do, What We Do, Roger Wilson, Solicitor Advocate, tells us about a drug addict that had fallen on hard times but was given a glimmer of hope

I recently represented a defendant at the Crown Court who was charged with Supplying Class A Drugs. He was facing a possible sentence of 4 ½ years imprisonment. He was a hopeless drug addict. He attended Court with his father, who was almost in tears at his son’s quick downward spiral. He had been married, […]

Quick thinking lawyers save local man’s life

Two employees of Bhatia Best Solicitors were praised after their quick thinking saved a man’s life. Rachel Shutt and Holly Milbourne who both work at our Mansfield office saw the man who had collapsed outside our office earlier this week. Holly phoned for an ambulance whilst Rachel ran outside in order to give the man […]

Why We Do, What We Do – Lucy Winterburn

In this addition of Why We Do, What We Do, Lucy Winterburn, Family Solicitor, remembers how she dealt with a difficult case involving injury to a baby. I represented a client whose children were removed from her and her partner, due to a non-accidental injury on their baby. Both my client and the father completely […]

Young man thought he had stumbled upon a ‘gangland’ execution

Why We Do, What We Do – Vol. 2 By Claire Moran, Solicitor-Advocate (Criminal Defence Department) Claire Moran, Solicitor Advocate, dealt with a case in which a young man thought he had stumbled upon a ‘Gangland’ execution. I represented a young man at the Crown Court for a charge of Dangerous Driving. He had never […]

Electric shock collars for pets to be banned

Electronic training collars which are used for dogs and cats are to be banned under new legislation, the Government has announced today. Remote controlled electronic training collars (e-collars) have a remote device that triggers an electronic pulse, which can be varied in strength, while others may spray a noxious chemical. As well as being misused […]

Q&A with Amy Lyons

In this episode of the “Bhatia Best Q&A”, we speak to Amy Lyons who is a Paralegal at our Mansfield office. 1. What is your name? Amy Lyons 2. What is your role at Bhatia Best? Paralegal 3. Which department and office do you work in? Criminal Defence – Mansfield Office 4. When did you […]

‘Paedophile Hunter’ will not face charges over contempt of court allegation

The leader of a well known ‘paedophile hunter’ group will not face charges following allegations that he failed to remove derogatory comments from his Facebook page during a trial at the Crown Court. Our client runs a paedophile hunter group that creates fake ‘child’ profiles online and wait for people to get in touch with […]

It’s just a bit of banter…or is it?

In this article, Steven Ramsell, Solicitor Advocate and Associate, discusses the Public Order Act 1986 and the difficulties people can find themselves in with it. You may not think that a bit of banter between mates would be the sort of thing to end up in Court, but there are a number of ways in […]

Criminal Lawyers: Why We Do, What We Do

Why We Do, What We Do – Vol. 1 By Tom Oates, Partner (Criminal Defence Department) Along with my colleague Morgan Hogarth, I represented a boy who had been in care for most of his young life. He’d been moved to the Mansfield area from London when we became involved in his case. He faced […]

8 things you should NEVER do if you are arrested

In this article, Ben Brown who is based at our Mansfield Criminal Department outlines 8 things you should NEVER do if arrested by the police. At my last count, I’ve represented over 1,200 people who have been in trouble with the police. In that time, I’ve managed to compile a helpful list of 8 things […]