Claims Against Public Authorities

At Bhatia Best Solicitors, we have an experienced and dedicated team of solicitors who specialise in bringing Claims Against Public Authorities. We represent clients in civil compensation claims against a range of public bodies including:

  • Local Authorities
  • The Police
  • Prison Service, Ministry of Justice, and the National Probation Service
  • Immigration Detention Centres
  • Home Office
  • HM Courts and Tribunal Services

We hold a contract with the Legal Aid Agency to undertake this specialist area of work, which enables us to represent those who are not able to fund their own case. The availability of Legal Aid funding is dependent on financial qualification, but our solicitors are able to advise individuals if they are eligible for funding. If Legal Aid funding is not available, then we are able to discuss alternative funding options.

We understand that dealing with any public authority can be intimidating and we appreciate that many of our client’s claims may involve personal and sensitive issues. Our team of experts firmly believe that Public Authorities should be held accountable for wrongdoing, and we are able to guide you through all stages of the legal process.

How can we help you?

We provide specialist advice and assistance on a range of different claims for compensation against public authorities. Common claims which arise, include:

  • Actions against Local Authorities
    • to include failings in provision of care by Social Services and Historic Abuse
  • Wrongful arrest & unlawful detention
    • to include arrest without legal basis and delay in your release from custody
  • Breaches of Human Rights
    • to include breach of your right not be tortured or subjected to inhumane or degrading treatment, your right to a fair trial and your right to a private and family life
  • Actions against the HM Prison Service (Ministry of Justice)
    • to include injury or mistreatment while in prison
  • Actions against the National Probation Service
    • to include negligence and unlawful recall to prison

Our solicitors provide you with professional and expert representation throughout each stage of your claim to get the best possible result.

If you have been mistreated by a public authority and would like to make a claim, please contact us on 0333 016 3333 option 3 or complete the contact form on this page and we will call you back.

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