Claims Against Public Authorities

Bhatia Best Solicitors are nationally recognised as one of the leading law firms in bringing civil against public authorities. We specialise in representing people who feel that they have unfairly treated by the authorities.

Our team holds a contract with the Legal Aid Agency to undertake this specialist area of Public Law work and represent those who are not able to fund their own case. Our expert solicitors specialise in claims and complaints against public authorities including:

  • Complaints against Local Authorities
  • Actions against the Government
  • Wrongful arrest & unlawful detention
  • Breaches of Human Rights
  • Claims against the Prison Service

If you feel you have a claim against a public authority, please contact us. We understand that dealing with any public authority can be intimidating and challenging but our team is available to assist you with this. We will provide you with expert representation through our highly skilled lawyers.

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To discuss a potential claim against a public authority, please call our team on 0333 016 3333 or complete the form on this page and we’ll call you back