Commercial Debt Recovery










We specialise in the recovery of commercial debts, be they large or small.

We  assist in the resolution of any disputes by following the pre-action protocol, (the procedure which must now be followed by all parties when a debt is disputed), by negotiation or by formal mediation.

A pre-legal demand may threaten court action or insolvency. If legal action is required, for a fixed fee we can issue claims through the County Court. In the alternative,where appropriate, we may issue a winding up petition  against a limited company in respect of uncontested  debts, or proceed with bankruptcy petitions against an individual.

We provide a  cost effective, professional and personal service .  As well as bringing actions, we can assist with any defended legal proceedings.

All work is carried out or supervised by our specialist debt collection/insolvency lawyer, Spencer Craig, who has over 30 years of litigation experience.

If you have any queries with regard to this service please contact Spencer Craig direct on 0115 979 3592 or see our contact page.


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