Claims and Judgment

If, after 7 days of the Letter Before Action being sent, no payment has been received then we can issue a claim to the County Court Money Claims Centre on your behalf.

Prior to issuing a claim we will:

  • Conduct an Experian Search to ensure that the debtor is still an active company and establish whether there are any other outstanding liabilities registered against them (if the debtor is a limited company)
  • Draft the Particulars of Claim – this is done on a case by case basis with no automation
  • Calculate the contractual or statutory interest / compensation that you are entitled to from the payment due date.

If, after 14 days, no response is received to an issued claim then we request for summary judgment to be entered against the debtor. Judgment is entered for the total debt, including any interest, compensation, solicitors fixed costs and the court issue fee.

Once a judgment is entered against the debtor it will be a matter of public record for a period of 6 years and will negatively affect the debtor’s credit rating.

Once judgment is entered there are a variety of enforcement options available to you to secure payment.
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