If you are an individual with a disability whose support needs are not being met, a child who is finding it difficult to get help from Social Services, a homeless person or an unaccompanied child asylum seeker, we could help you.

We are able to offer advice and representation in the following areas:

✓ Failure to carry out community care assessments
✓ Failure to carry out carer’s assessments
✓ Failure to provide adequate services following assessment
✓ Withdrawal and reduction of community care services
✓ Charging disputes
✓ Provision of services to people leaving hospital after accident/injury
✓ Breaches of Human Rights Act due to delays in provision of services

We help clients secure or maintain services or facilities arranged by Social Services or a Health Care Authority.

Building on our national reputation, we work with a number of charities, volunteer and disability organisations. These include the Children’s Society, Barnardo’s and numerous refugee and homelessness centres. We help vulnerable individuals throughout the UK secure appropriate support.

We understand that getting the correct level of service and support from Social Services and the NHS is important to ensure that people are able to lead lives which are as full and dignified as possible. Where appropriate, we will enforce rights in the courts, using Judicial Review and other legal remedies.

‘Specialist’ Quality Recognition by the Legal Aid Agency

The high quality of our work in Community Care has been recognised and approved by the Legal Aid Agency which runs the Legal Aid scheme in England and Wales.

We are the only firm of solicitors in Nottinghamshire with a Legal Aid contract to offer advice, assistance and representation in this important area of law.

Notable Decisions

The firm have achieved a number of landmark decisions in cases involving children and young people in care:

  • G v Nottingham City Council [2008] 11 CCLR 280
  • L v Nottinghamshire County Council [2007] EWHC 2364 (Admin);
  • AB & SB v Nottingham City Council [2001] A11 ER (D) 359.

Funding Your Case

We act for clients on both a publicly funded and privately funded basis. Details of our private funding rates are available on request.

Eligibility for Legal Aid

The Legal Aid Agency has a Financial Eligibility Calculator on its website at https://www.gov.uk/check-legal-aid which will give an indication of whether you may qualify financially for Legal Aid.

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