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Have you been arrested and released under investigation for conspiracy to supply class A drugs? Are you charged with conspiracy to commit robbery? Have you been interviewed about an allegation involving a conspiracy?

What is a Conspiracy?

A Criminal Conspiracy is an agreement between two or more people to commit a particular crime. The law is that if you make such an agreement, intending that it be carried out, then you and everyone you agreed with are guilty of the crime you agreed to carry out. Those involved in the alleged conspiracy can have particular roles. For example, in a drugs conspiracy you would have drugs runners, couriers, managers and others. To be guilty, you need to have agreed to play some part in carrying out what was intended.

Charges relating to conspiracy can be complex and cover a wide range of circumstances, including fraud, white collar crime, cyber-crime conspiracies, cartels, drugs conspiracies and conspiracy to commit a violent crime such as murder, rape, GBH, torture or terrorism.

Specialised conspiracy defence solicitors

We are a leading provider of Legal Aid criminal defence services. We are one of the UK’s leading Crown Court Teams consisting of specialist Crown Court lawyers and In-House Advocates. We only work with the very best Counsel, Queens Counsel and Experts when preparing your defence.

Defending complex conspiracy offences requires a team of lawyers with specialist knowledge and experience. We have a national reputation for excellence and are one of very few firms to be accredited with the Criminal Cases Unit to be able to deal with Very High Cost Cases (VHCC). Our team defends the most serious and high-profile conspiracy offences.

We represent clients who are under investigation by the police or who have been charged with:

  • Conspiracy to murder
  • Conspiracy to rob
  • Conspiracy to supply drugs (conspiracy to supply class A, B and C substances)
  • Conspiracy to commit Grievous Bodily Harm
  • Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice
  • Conspiracy to commit Fraud and other dishonest offences
  • Conspiracy to rape

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Our Conspiracy Lawyers provide:

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  • A dedicated Crown Court Lawyer to handle your case
  • Access to a specialist In-House Advocates or External Counsel
  • Leading Queens Counsel (QC) where appropriate
  • Access to the very best Defence Expert Witnesses
  • Legal Aid to fund your defence (if eligible)

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