Coronavirus: What are social distancing and self-isolation rules?

Lockdown restrictions are gradually being eased across the UK, but the rules are different in each of the four nations. So, what sports can you play and who can you meet?

What sports can I play now?

The overall advice remains “stay at home” as much as possible. But some non-contact outdoor sport is allowed – although rules vary across the UK.

People in England can now exercise outside with up to five others from different households. In Scotland, people from two households, in groups of up to eight people, can exercise outside together.

This means, for example, that having a kickabout with a football in the park is now allowed in both countries, as long as people stay 2m (6ft) apart and practise good hand hygiene.

However, small-sided or full games with someone from outside your household are still not allowed because of the physical contact involved.

Small groups of sports teams can also resume fitness sessions.

Individual sports permitted in England, if social distancing guidelines are followed, include athletics, golf, horse riding and tennis, where doubles is also allowed with someone from outside your household.

Tennis, can also be played in Scotland and Northern Ireland – but not yet in Wales. However, golf can be enjoyed everywhere.

How many people can I meet?

More than two people can now meet outside across the UK:

In England, groups of up to six people from different households can gather outside, in parks or private gardens.

In Scotland, two separate households – up to a maximum of eight people – can meet outdoors, ideally travelling no more than five miles.

In Wales, any number of people from two different households can meet each other outside. As in Scotland, families should aim to travel no more than five miles. Beauty spots remain closed.

In Northern Irelandgroups of up to six people who do not live together can meet outdoors.

Children are included in the headcount for groups meeting in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

In Wales, two large families can meet – as long as each of them lives at a single address.

And remember, social distancing guidelines – with people from different households remaining 2m (6ft) apart from each other – still apply across the whole of the UK.

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