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If you are a member of the armed forces and have been accused of a criminal or a service offence, you could have to undergo a police interview, an interview with the Royal Military Police (RMP)/Serious Investigation Branch (SIB) or have to attend a Court Martial. A prosecution by the Service Prosecuting Authority can lead to serious punishment and leave your career in jeopardy.

We are a leading UK law firm and one of the few firms in the country that has a specialist Court Martial & Military Law team. We have a specialist in-house advocacy team which affords continuity of representation. Contact Matthew Smith or Ben Brown for further information.

Police Interviews

If you have been arrested or invited for an interview under caution by the civilian police, Royal Military Police (RMP) or the Serious Investigation Branch (SIB) then it is vital that you obtain specialist legal advice immediately.

What you say (or do not say) during your interview(s) under caution could determine the outcome of the case. The interview is arguably the most important part of the entire process. Even if you do not believe you have committed an offence it is important that you have a solicitor with you during your police interview. Having a solicitor means that you will be more likely to find out prior to your interview the nature and strength of the evidence against you through your solicitor.  Bhatia Best has a dedicated team of independent military defence lawyers that regularly advise and represent service personnel throughout the UK.

Court Martial

Appearing before a Court Martial can be a daunting and worrying process. Under the Armed Forces Act 2006, the Court Martial was established as the court that has jurisdiction over anyone affiliated with the Army, the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. At the trial, a Judge Advocate and usually between three and seven Warrant Officers and Commissioned Officers will most likely be present. Our team will work with you by analysing the case against you, speaking to witnesses on your behalf, instructing experts and meticulously preparing your defence for trial.

What Sentence Could I Recieve?

The consequences of pleading or being found guilty at Court Martial can be life-changing. The Court Martial has a wide range of sentencing powers including:

  • Imposing a financial penalty
  • Ordering service detention
  • Rank demotion
  • Public Dismissal
  • Imprisonment

Our experienced lawyers fight to achieve the best possible outcome. Whether you are to be interviewed under caution, are facing a Court Martial or have questions about the procedure and process, we’re the ones to call.


Legal Aid is available for anyone being interviewed by the police or the RMP/SIB, irrespective of financial income. We are available to attend interviews 24/7 and at short notice.

In relation to Court Martials, Legal Aid is available through the Armed Forces Legal Aid Scheme. We also accept instructions on a privately funded basis.

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