Drink Driving: The Morning After The Night Before

Rebecca Williams, Duty Solicitor in our Criminal Department, talks about the risks involved with driving ‘the morning after the night before’.


We all know the dangers of going out, drinking and driving home; but what about driving the next morning?

It’s that time of year of office parties, Christmas drinks and socialising with family and friends. You might go out for a few drinks after work or to your Christmas party and have a few more than you intended. You know that you shouldn’t drink and drive so you get a taxi, get home and go to sleep because you’ve got work the next day. You get up the following morning, get in your car and drive yourself to work, because you feel fine.

It’s an extremely common scenario at this time of year. The question is; will you be safe to drive the next morning?
You may feel fine but, depending on the amount of alcohol you have consumed and the amount of time that has passed between that consumption and driving, you may be surprised to find that you are still over the drink driving limit the next morning. If you are stopped by the Police and are found to be over the drink drive limit, you will be charged with an offence. Even if you believed that sufficient time had passed since you had consumed alcohol and you didn’t feel impaired, you are still guilty of the offence. Anyone convicted of a drink driving offence will be disqualified from driving for a period of at least 12 months.

Despite good intentions, many people only realise the risks of driving the next morning after a night of drinking when they have been stopped, breathalysed and charged with an offence. For some, this may be their first time attending Court, which can be a daunting experience without the right representation. If you find yourself in this position, contact one of our expert motoring lawyers for advice and representation at Court.

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