15 year old held in custody over Christmas found not guilty of axe-point robbery

A 15 year old client of Bhatia Best was today found Not Guilty of an axe-point Robbery after a trial at Mansfield Youth Court. The boy, represented by partner Tom Oates, was facing a sentence of up to 2 years detention if found guilty.

Criminal Solicitor: Tom Oates

The victim of the robbery described how 2 males approached him during the early hours of the morning and one of them put an axe up to his neck, before taking his mobile phone. It was never in doubt that the robbery took place and the issue in the case was simply whether our client was involved.

The only evidence against our client was that the victim had caught a glimpse of one of the males during the incident. The male had his hood up and the front of his coat covering his face. Through detailed consideration of the evidence, Tom Oates noticed that during his call to the Police, the victim had told the Police that he only ‘thought’ it might have been our client, who he knew vaguely from the local area.

Our client had always denied involvement in the offence and told the Police that at the time he was at home, playing on his Xbox. His mother provided a statement to say that she believed he was at home when the offence happened. Our client provided the Police with details of his Xbox account and Bhatia Best asked the Police or Prosecution to check the online activity to prove they had the wrong person but they refused. Bhatia Best questioned why the Police had not held an identification procedure to see if the victim was sure that it was our client that was involved. Again, the Police and Prosecution had refused.

Mansfield Magistrates Court

The issue of identification was considered very carefully during the trial along with the possibility for mistake, especially given that the face of the offender was covered. The Judge agreed that the identification evidence had too much doubt about it and found our client Not Guilty.

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