Case dropped against mother of disabled child for failing to attend school

Hetal Patel (a solicitor in our Nottingham Criminal Department) recently represented a client who was being prosecuted by the Local Authority for failing to ensure her child attended school.

The client’s son was a 14-year-old boy who at the age of 3 suffered a serious brain injury following contracting meningitis. This caused the child to suffer severe learning difficulties, indistinctive speech, fine motor difficulties and epilepsy. Our client is a single parent and her son’s sole carer.

At the end of 2017, the client’s son started missing school and the Local Authority prosecuted our client for failing to ensure her son was attending.

Hetal argued that our client’s son was prevented from attending school by reason of sickness or unavoidable cause. Following a legal argument and many months of representations to the senior level of the Local Authority, the case has finally been dropped and the client faces no further action.

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