Lengthy sentence for drug dealing from prison

The court of appeal upheld lenthy sentences imposed on prisoners who continued their drug dealing operation. In R v Morley and Others 2012 EWCA Crim 1866 M, C and Y were convicted of conspiracy to supply class A and class B drugs. Drugs were distributed in Cumbria, West Yorkshire and the North East. Y ran the operation from in prison. 875 grams of cocaine at 1% and 930 grams of amphetamine at 1%, with a combined street value of just over £50,000, were seized following surveillance. Y was a serving prisoner and ran the operation. He was assisted by many others. The Judge remarked that the case was not serious because of the quantity or purity of drugs, but because the operation was controlled by a serving prisoner. The Judge raised sentences of 8 years to 12 years and 6 years to 8 years to reflect the aggravating feature. Held. The Judge was right to treat the feature of Y running the operation from inside prison as a gravely aggravating factor. There is no sensible basis for criticising the increment in the sentences to reflect this central feature of this serious conspiracy. For M, 8 years was not manifestly excessive. For C, 5 years was not excessive. For Y, 12 years was not unfair.

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