Paedophile Hunters found NOT GUILTY of false imprisonment!

A jury at Leeds Crown Court today returned a not guilty verdict for paedophile hunters accused of falsely imprisoning two men they suspected of being child sex offenders.

Our client was part of the Leeds-based group Predator Exposure. Members of the group confronted two men on separate occasions after they had allegedly  taken part in online sexualised chats with group members who were posing as teenagers. The group was accused of detaining and verbally abusing both men and using unnecessary force against one, who was allegedly put in a headlock and dragged out of a shop against his will.

The group faced a 7 day trial at Leeds Crown Court. Our client was represented at trial by Claire Moran, a specialist criminal Solicitor-Advocate. After the verdict Claire said “I am pleased that the jury returned the correct verdict. Our client maintained from the very start that she had taken part in a lawful citizen’s arrest under section 24A of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984. Predator Exposure has undertaken hundreds of previous stings and has assisted the police in putting many child abusers behind bars, often for very lengthy sentences.”

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