Shakir Robinson cleared of “joint enterprise” murder.

Joint Enterprise Murder Acquittal.

Shakir Robinson, represented by Bhatia Best Solicitors, counsel Peter Joyce QC and Michael Evans was last week cleared of the Murder of Malakai McKenzie and the attempted murder of others. Mr McKenzie was shot dead in the car park of The Hubb public house in Sherwood Nottingham in April of 2012. Cameron Cashin was last year tried and convicted  of being the gunman who committed the murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 34 years.

Shakir Robinson’s trial raised issues of “joint enterprise” – the prosecution claimed that he was party to the attack. He always denied knowledge that Cashin had a gun or that any assault was planned. Further issues were raised when the prosecution served important evidence as late as the second week of the hearing.

In a trial which ran from mid January, the Jury took less than four and a half hours to find Shakir Robinson not guilty. We are angered by the statement issued by Nottinghamshire Police (and reported by the BBC) that they are disappointed with the verdict. It is not the role of the police to secure convictions – their job is to obtain evidence and through the prosecution present it fairly to the court. Shakir Robinson had always admitted being at the scene of this killing. It is right that he was tried, but it is also right that his explanation was accepted.  The decision of a Jury should be  respected – especially by those whose job it is to uphold the law.