Criminal Defence

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Criminal Defence Solicitors

If you are charged or suspected of a crime, choosing the right criminal solicitor is the most important decision you will make. You need a solicitor who will fight for you and represent your best interests.

Our expert Criminal Defence Solicitors are committed to defending people in the police station, magistrates court and the Crown Court. We regularly represent those accused of the full range of criminal offences from minor assaults and shoplifting to multi-handed drugs conspiracies, firearms offences, high value fraud and murder. We have a national reputation and are one of the largest Criminal Defence firms in the country.

Legal Aid

Everyone who is interviewed by the police (or by someone with the power of arrest) is entitled to free legal advice and assistance, irrespective of income. If you are interviewed under caution by someone other than the police (such as your local council, HMRC or Trading Standards), you may also be entitled to free advice.

If you are appearing in the Magistrates’ Court, you may qualify for legal aid if you receive benefits or have a low income.

How can our Criminal Defence Solicitors help you?

Our Criminal Defence Solicitors will complete legal aid applications free of charge at your initial appointment.

If you are arrested by the police or if the police wish to interview you by prior appointment, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you with free legal advice and assistance. Call our 24/7 helpline on 0333 016 3333. Do not speak to the police about any allegation until you have spoken to one of our specialist crime lawyers.

Give yourself the best possible chance of success by instructing Bhatia Best!

Contact us 24/7 on 0333 016 3333 or request a callback by using the form on this page.