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Every year over 40 million football supporters attend games in England & Wales. Of these, a small minority find themselves arrested and prosecuted for football related offences. Prosecutions involving football related offences are often complex and involve niche areas of law. If you are convicted of a football related offence, in addition to the risk of a prison sentence, you could also face restrictions on your ability to attend football matches or travelling abroad. You should always instruct specialist solicitors with specialist knowledge and experience.

Football Banning Orders

The Football Spectators Act 1989 allows any supporter convicted of a ‘relevant offence’ to be banned from attending future football matches. In order for the Court to issue a football banning order they have to be satisfied that the person has caused or contributed to football related violence or disorder. The banning orders are in place to ensure the supporter doesn’t gain access to the ground and attempts to prevent them from misbehaving further. Football banning orders can last up to 10 years.

Our Football Law Solicitors can also assist people who are currently subject to a Football Banning Order and wish to apply for the order to be varied or revoked.

Bhatia Best has a dedicated team of lawyers that regularly advise and represent football fans and can assist with all areas of Football Law.

How we can help

  • Advice & representation at the police station
  • Magistrates’/Crown Court representation
  • Football Banning Orders (including appeals & variations)
  • Public Order Offences
  • Appeals

Our experienced lawyers fight to achieve the best possible outcomes despite the all too often negative portrayal of football supporters in the media. Whether you’ve been arrested at a football match, have questions about Football Banning Orders, need representation at Court or want to appeal, we’re the ones to call.


Legal Aid is always free of charge at the police station for anyone being interviewed. If your case proceeds to the Magistrates’ Court, Legal Aid may be available depending on your income and whether or not it is in the interests of justice. Most people receive Legal Aid in the Crown Court, although there may be a contribution. Where Legal Aid is not available or you wish to instruct one of our Football Law Solicitors on a private basis, we offer fixed fees with no hidden costs.

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