Q. Will I qualify for Legal Aid?
A. Legal Aid can help meet the cost of legal advice and representation. Not every firm can offer Legal Aid but Bhatia Best can. We are able to offer Legal Aid in most criminal defence matters. Over 94% of our clients qualify for legal aid. We will assess whether or not you will be entitled to legal aid at your free initial consultation.

Everyone being interviewed at the police station is entitled to free legal advice irrespective of financial means.

Many of those appearing before the Magistrates Court are entitled to legal aid. We will complete and submit your application for legal aid free of charge.

Almost everyone in the crown court will receive legal aid, but those defendants who are unsuccessful may be ordered to pay a contribution.

Q. How long will my case take?
A. It is notoriously difficult for a lawyer to provide an estimated length of a case. No two cases are the same. The length of your case will depend on many different factors such as the type of case and the nature of the evidence against you.

Q. Are you able to represent people outside of the East Midlands?
A. Although we are based in Nottingham, Derby and Mansfield, we regularly represent people at courts across the country. Please contact us and we will assess your case on an individual basis.

Q. Who will look after my case?
A. Each case is allocated on an individual basis to the lawyer most suitably experienced and qualified to act. We have a large team of police station representatives, solicitors and in-house counsel experienced in all areas of criminal law. Please notify us if you would prefer to be dealt with by a particular member of staff.

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