Sometimes it is better for all concerned for family law disputes to be resolved through mediation, arbitration or another type of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) rather than by traditional adversarial methods between lawyers or in court.  This can be particularly relevant where the parties need to maintain a civilised relationship, perhaps for the benefit of their children.

Mediation and other forms of ADR are sometimes cheaper, quicker and less acrimonious than traditional legal methods and can give people a sense of more direct involvement in the settlement of their case.

At Bhatia Best we will always discuss ADR options and their suitability to your situation, and make suitable referrals when appropriate.  Perhaps more importantly we often give independent and expert legal advice alongside the ADR process – you can agree anything you like in ADR but you might want to know whether a court would think it is fair and reasonable before you finally decide, and most good mediators recommend independent legal  advice as well.

5 of our solicitors are trained in Collaborative Law, which is an innovative type of ADR involving a series of round table meetings designed to work as a team to resolve all issues.  This is not for everyone but can be very successful in some cases.

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