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What is Child Protection Conference?

The local authority will call a child protection conference when they have investigated concerns about child abuse and they believe the child is suffering, or likely to suffer, significant harm. The conference will be chaired by someone who works for the local authority but who is separate from the team dealing with the case, so they are more independent.

The purpose of a child protection conference is to:

  • share information between all the professionals who are working with the child and their family
  • decide what future action should be taken to keep the child safe
  • decide whether or not a child protection plan should be drawn up
  • in Wales, decide whether or not the child’s name should be placed on the child protection register.

The child protection conference must consider all the children in the household, even if concerns are only being expressed about one child.

Legal Aid

You have the right to the presence of a solicitor at a Child Protection Conference. It is important to be accompanied by a solicitor who can advise you with regard to any plan or observations made.

The meetings can be very stressful for all family members. Our specialist Child Law Solicitors can support you through the process by giving you advice and attending the meeting with you.

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