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What is a Supervision Order?

A supervision order gives the local authority the legal power monitor the child’s needs and progress while the child lives at home or somewhere else. A social worker will advise, help and befriend the child. In practice, this will mean they give help and support to the family as a whole. Conditions can be attached to a supervision order, for example, you, as the parent, may have to tell the supervisor if you change your address and you may have to allow the supervisor to visit the child at home.

A supervision order doesn’t give the local authority parental responsibility and doesn’t allow them any special right to remove the child from their parent. The parents keep parental responsibility but mustn’t act in any way against the supervision order.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid usually in most Child Law cases. Speak to one of our Solicitors who will assess your eligibility for Legal Aid. If you are eligible, we will complete the necessary applications on your behalf.

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