We will continue to offer legal aid wherever it is available after the cuts imposed from 1 April 2013 by the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012.

In brief, legal aid is still available until 1 April 2013 for most family law disputes subject to financial eligibility and rules to ensure the case justifies spending public. From 1 April 2013 onwards legal aid will be withdrawn from most family law cases between individuals but will still be available for:

People seeking protection from domestic abuse
Victims of domestic abuse (who meet the government’s criteria) seeking help with
children issues or financial remedies
Protection from forced marriages
Parents and children in care proceedings and some other cases brought by social
Children who are made parties to difficult cases between individuals – typically their parents

Please contact us to find out whether legal aid is available for your case. To find out if you are financially eligible try the Legal Services Commission calculator.

If legal aid is not available you might be interested in our Fixed Fees.

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