Non Molestation Orders

A Non Molestation Order is an order of the court preventing an abuser from being violent or threatening violence towards you or your children.

What is molestation?

It is a wide definition but includes violence, threats of violence, intimidation or harassment. Common examples of behaviour that falls short of actual violence are continuous nuisance phonecalls or texts together with ‘hanging around’ in places where you are likely to be.

Who can get an order?

You can apply for a Non Molestation Order if your abuser is an ‘associated person’. This includes people with whom you have had ‘an intimate personal relationship’ of ‘significant duration’.

Is Legal Aid available?

Yes – it is subject to the merits of your case and your means. We can do a free legal aid assessment as part of your initial free consultation.

How long does an order last?

A Non Molestation Order can be made without the presence of the respondent. It will then last until a hearing on notice when the respondent will have an opportunity to defend the allegations.

If granted based upon the health, safety and well being of the applicant or any child, the court will make a Non Molestation Order for a specified period.

What if it is breached?

Breach of a Non Molestation Order is an imprisonable criminal offence.

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