Occupation Orders

This is an order of the court which effectively interferes with an abuser’s property rights. The court can order that the respondent leave the family home or that the applicant be allowed to enter and remain there. The order can apply to privately owned or rented property.

When will the court make an order?

The court has to be satisfied that the applicant or a child will suffer significant harm if it does not make the order. In addition, the court can make ancillary orders directing that one or other of the parties meet rental or mortgage payments.

Who can get an order?

Similarly for Non Molestation Orders, the respondent has to be an ‘associated person’. This includes people with whom you have had ‘an intimate personal relationship’ of ‘significant duration’.

Is Legal Aid available?

Yes – it is subject to the merits of your case and your means. We can do a free legal aid assessment as part of your initial free consultation.

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