Fatal Accident Claims

Every year thousands of accidents across the UK result in death or serious injury.

At this distressing time, bereaved families need professional, caring and attentive representation.

At Bhatia Best our clients are only represented by qualified Personal Injury Solicitors. Unfortunately, this is not the case with many of the national claims companies.

Our service is bespoke to our clients and our caring and professional approach will not only assist you through the process but will also ensure you receive maximum compensation.

You need not be a direct blood relative of the deceased to make a claim.

Our successful claimants have been:

  • Widow or widower of the deceased
  • Former husband or wife of the deceased
  • Parent or step-parent of the deceased
  • Child or dependant of the deceased
  • Civil partner or former civil partner of the deceased
  • A person cohabiting with the deceased as husband or wife for 2 years prior to death

We offer a free no obligation initial consultation where we will be more than happy to discuss the circumstances of your case. During this consultation you will receive detailed advice on funding, merits and time scale. This no obligation meeting will assist you to make an informed decision as to whether you want to pursue your claim.

If you think you may have a claim or would like to have a free no obligation conversation with one of our Solicitors then please contact Neal Bell, Raj Manan or Rahul Bhatia on (0115) 950 3231 or alternatively complete the contact form below and we will take steps to contact you directly.

Our Personal Injury Solicitors recover compensation for:

Fatal Accidents Road Traffic Accidents Accidents at work  Defective Products Slips & Trips Accidents Abroad Motorbike Accidents

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