Sophie Campbell

Paralegal – Family – Derby

Olivia White

Paralegal – Crime – Nottingham

Robert Lowne

Paralegal – Crime – Nottingham

Katie Walton

Paralegal – Crime – Nottingham

Joshua O’Hara

Paralegal – Civil Litigation – Nottingham

Abigail Briggs

Paralegal – Civil Litigation – Nottingham

Graham Heathcote

Solicitor – Crime – Nottingham

Graham is a highly experienced solicitor whose career in Criminal Litigation spans more than 30 years.

Having worked in both Defence and Prosecution during his career, Graham is able to turn his mind to the most critical and essential elements in any case. As a Higher Courts Advocate, Graham is able to assist our clients throughout the life-cycle of their case, from interview at the Police Station right through to conclusion in the Crown Court.


Poppy Watkinson

Paralegal – Crime – Nottingham

Faizah Shamshad

Paralegal – Crime – Nottingham

Faizah is one of our team of Paralegals working in the busy Nottingham Crime Department. She handles casework on matters appearing before both the Magistrates and Crown Courts.

Having completed her undergraduate studies, Faizah is now studying part time for a Masters in Human Rights Law. Her academic strength means that she able to tap into an established knowledge base of legal principles and authorities, making her a particularly persuasive practitioner. With a calm and collected approach, Faizah is able to take a step back and assess the big picture before making the critical, decisive move to best assist her clients.


Daisy Nisbet

Paralegal – Crime – Nottingham

Daisy is one of our team of Paralegals in the Nottingham Crime Department, handling casework upon matters appearing before the Magistrates and Crown Courts.

Daisy has a tenacious nature which she brings to all of her cases, diving deep into the case file, scrutinising frame-by-frame of video footage and questioning every inconsistency.

Daisy also has a particular affinity for dealing with our most vulnerable clients, often assisting those with complex mental health or learning difficulties.