Daisy Nisbet

Paralegal – Crime – Nottingham

Daisy is one of our team of Paralegals in the Nottingham Crime Department, handling casework upon matters appearing before the Magistrates and Crown Courts.

Daisy has a tenacious nature which she brings to all of her cases, diving deep into the case file, scrutinising frame-by-frame of video footage and questioning every inconsistency.

Daisy also has a particular affinity for dealing with our most vulnerable clients, often assisting those with complex mental health or learning difficulties.

Isaac Acharya

Paralegal – Public Law & Community Care – Nottingham

Mei Kei Chan

Trainee Solicitor – Public Law / Community Care – Nottingham

Mei Kei (Miki) works in our Public Law team with often extremely vulnerable or destitute clients who would otherwise have limited access to legal representation. Her clients are asylum seekers, refugees, homeless individuals, unaccompanied asylum seeking children and people from war-torn countries, often with a history of trauma. The marginalised population.

Our clients often find themselves in need of urgent assistance as their problem usually has a grave detriment on their mental health and wellbeing. Miki has the ability to immerse herself in the situation and see things from the clients perspective, enabling her to give the most suitable advice to them while asserting and advancing their best interests.

Megan Ridley

Paralegal – Public Law/Community Care – Nottingham

Megan joined Bhatia Best in early 2023 after completing her studies in Sociology with Criminology and her Masters Degree in Law.

Megan’s keen organisational ability means that, while assisting the senior practitioners in the department, she is able to keep a multitude of matters under careful management at all times. She is able to bring real world value to the cases she handles, translating her academic strength into diligent and detail focussed casework.

Jasmine Turner

Trainee Solicitor – Family – Nottingham

Jasmine joined our busy family department in March 2023 as a paralegal. Jasmine has worked in family law since September 2022 and wishes to progress further in her career and ultimately qualify as a family solicitor. Jasmine began her period of recognised training in May 2024.

Jasmine studied law at Nottingham Trent University and completed the Legal Practice Course in April 2023. Jasmine assists fee earners dealing with public law and private law matters on a day-to-day basis. Jasmine enjoys assisting clients and supporting them throughout their case, to ensure their case ends in the right result.

Outside of work, Jasmine enjoys spending quality time with friends and family.

Jane Risley

Costs Lawyer – Civil Litigation – Nottingham

Jane joined Bhatia Best in 2019 and recently qualified as a Costs Lawyer in our Public Law and Community Care department. She has specialist knowledge and expertise in the field of Legal Costs and manages claims through to the final settlement stage.

Jane is responsible for a variety of legal costs matters including drafting Inter Partes and Legal Aid Bills of Costs, preparing Replies to Points of Dispute and negotiating costs between the parties in litigation. Jane has sound knowledge of the Civil Procedure Rules and has experience in dealing with the steps involved in the Detailed Assessment procedure. She works closely with the solicitors in the department to maximise the recovery of legal costs at the conclusion of the proceedings.

Jane is a highly regarded and capable professional who is also a member of the Alumni and Industry Fellowship Programme at the Nottingham Law School which aims to support and encourage current Law students and recent graduates.

Outside of her professional life, Jane enjoys weekends away in the countryside.

Alexandra Beavis

Profile Coming Soon

Georgia Bean

Trainee Solicitor – Family – Nottingham

Georgia joined the firm in 2022 as a paralegal and is now pursuing full qualification as a Solicitor. Georgia began her period of recognised training in December 2023 and provides case work support to Solicitors in the Family Department.

Georgia is attentive to the needs of each individual client allowing her to assist with complex matters with families both in Care Proceedings and Private Law Disputes.

Georgia’s compassionate approach to clients and their families allows her to assist the advocates at Court in often, highly sensitive matters. Georgia truly cares about clients and will assist wherever possible to ensure the right result is reached.

Georgia in her spare time likes to travel and spend time with her friends and family.

Chloe Pearson

Serena Cousin

Associate Solicitor – Crime – Nottingham

Serena is one of our senior solicitors, with over twenty years post qualification experience.

She has a wealth of experience in dealing with serious and complex criminal cases, including those involving young people and vulnerable defendants.

Having also had some experience in a Senior Crown Prosecuting role and more recently as Criminal Law Subject Head for the Solicitors Qualification Examinations, Serena has extensive knowledge of, and grounding in, criminal law. She brings an invaluable perspective to her role, and is often involved in training others.

Her calm and approachable manner helps put those she represents at ease whilst allowing her to quickly get to the root of any issue. This, coupled with an early tactical analysis of the evidence, allows her to ensure that her cases are managed appropriately, with the best outcome for her clients.

With an ability to highlight the ‘human element’ of a case, it is not unusual for those she represents to be given a chance, often in the face of adverse circumstances.

Serena’s extensive experience of working within the Criminal Justice System enables her to provide sound, confident advice from the outset of a case and offer robust representation throughout, whether at the Police Station or at Court.