Protest Law Solicitors

Protest Law and Public Order Offences

We are one of very few solicitor firms who have been recommended as lawyers with expertise in dealing with protest cases. Our lawyers have advised and represented protestors involved in almost every large public demonstration over the past decade. We have a national reputation for representing public interest protesters who have deployed an array of tactics during large or small demonstrations or civil disobedience. Our lawyers represent demonstrators and activists who have attended protests on a wide range of issues including environmental awareness, anti-fascism demonstrations and those protesting against Government policy. 

What we do

Our dedicated Protest Law team will:

  • Advise and represent you at the police station free of charge, day or night
  • Represent you at the Magistrates’ Court and the Crown Court if you are charged with any offences

The police have an array of powers to arrest and prosecute protestors and it’s important to instruct a defence lawyer with specialist knowledge and experience in representing protestors. Protest Law is a complex and technical area and you will need a sympathetic lawyer that will fight for your rights.

Our public law team can also advise pre-emptively, or after the event, on challenges to unlawful arrests, police decisions to take DNA, fingerprints or photos, decisions to retain or disclose sensitive personal information to third parties on criminal records checks for employers, or visa applications.

Our expertise

We routinely assist protestors that have been arrested/charged with:

  • Obstructing the highway
  • Criminal damage
  • Assault on police/emergency worker
  • Obstructing police in the execution of their duty
  • Failing to comply with conditions imposed on protests
  • Breach of dispersal notice
  • Riot
  • Violent disorder
  • Affray
  • Section 4 /4A / 5 of Public Order Act 1984
  • Being a public nuisance
  • Vehicle interference

Always ask for Bhatia Best

If you plan to attend a protest or demonstration, make a note of our phone number: 0333 016 3333. It’s a good idea to write it on a piece of paper as the police will likely confiscate your phone when you arrive at the station. Always ask for Bhatia Best if you are in police custody and never accept a Duty Solicitor. Our Lawyers can attend police stations nationwide to advise and assist you 24/7. Legal Aid is free of charge for anyone detained in police custody – there will be no charge to you.